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Laura tries to pick up the pieces of her life after the murder of her husband and son and goes on vacation with her sister to Burma. They recognize each other from an unexpected side, and this impression is no less strong than their communication in London. Aurora confesses to Laura that she has never felt so good in her life. Now the heroine has to understand her true essence and, most importantly, what she really wants in life...
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Igorka 5-10 October 2013 21:47
The film is excellent! Filmed, as it seemed to me, on "Hurrah". The actors are doing the right thing. In general, the impression that watching this movie is not only possible, but should be. It's worth it. I have never seen a more sincere, truthful movie. Even for my age, when I don't care about anything, the film is very, very soulful. And to be honest, it really goes for one, or even for two, who listens.This movie is about love and friendship. And this is what many lack in life.
Former Marine Corps Captain Roger Morgan, who never received the rank of officer, returns to his hometown after a long separation. His friend, who died during the storming of the Amazon jungle, calls him to take part in a special operation. But he is ready for the unexpected when he learns that he was captured and brutally captured, the former Marine was accidentally wounded in early childhood, but will be able to regain control of his life.
Post-apocalyptic future. The land is divided into two territories: "Sannikov Land" and Fort Ross, a reservation inhabited by the descendants of Russian settlers who left Russia in the 18th century. On the "Sannikov Land", located in the north of Russia, a polar station was opened in 1740, which was named after its first explorer, the Russian navigator Vitus Bering. In 1850, the first wave of Russian colonization began here, due to which the Murmansk and part of the Siberian coastal districts were formed.
Edward is a war veteran who finds himself in the body of an eleven year old boy. He is sent to an orphanage in Briarsville. However, after Edward's father dies and his mother disappears, the boy finds himself on the street. The only one who cares about him is the captain, who was his guardian in the boarding school. One day f02ee7bd2b